FNF VS Sarvente 6.15.21

An interesting mod for the popular Friday Night Funkin
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FNF: VS Sarvente is an add-on for the popular music game Friday Night Funkin' for Android. The mod adds three new rivals to the story, which the protagonist has to defeat, as well as 4 new melodic music tracks. New skins, detailed backgrounds and character animations add interest to the gameplay and new opportunities to develop your skills.

FNF: VS Sarvente Features

In the add-on the protagonist will have to make efforts in an unforgettable battle with three new characters - Sarvente, Ruv and Selever. The role of the key opponent is rightfully given to Sarvente - a friendly nun, whose main goal is to lure the heroes to the church at any cost to participate in the midnight mass. The hero will have to win a hard victory: there are 3 difficulty levels available in the game. It is unlikely that you will be able to defeat your opponent on the HARD level the first time.

Advantages of the game

  • 4 new rhythmic music tracks have been added;
  • 3 new opponents at once;
  • high-quality graphics;
  • detailed background for each new song;
  • elaborated character animation.

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Additional Information

Age restrictions
In-app advertising
In-app purchases
Wednesday, 24 April 2024
Current version
Android 4.4 or higher
Bit mode
32+64 bit

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FNF VS Sarvente v.6.15.21

Average rating
An interesting mod for the popular Friday Night Funkin

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