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Free software for 3D modeling of any objects
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SketchUp Make is a 3D modeling application. It is one of the most popular programs in the work of architects and designers.

With the help of the program you can create models of buildings, extensions, various design objects in 3D format. The utility allows you to add details to finished objects, as well as change their textures, sizes.

Benefits of SketchUp Make

You can place the created objects in Google Earth service, provide them to the public on the 3D Warehouse website.

SketchUp Make includes the following tools:

  • for drawing: polygon, tool for simple and complex shapes, tool for creating copies of the object;
  • for construction: dimensions, measuring tape, protractor, part selection, layers, area and length calculations.

SketchUp Make features

  • drawing;
  • editing;
  • rotation;
  • figure scaling;
  • dividing the model into sections and then viewing the sections;
  • adding components;
  • retouching and softening;
  • shadow simulation;
  • simulating camera placement;
  • web excursions;
  • creating tours-presentations;
  • export two-dimensional graphic files in 3D format;
  • image printing;
  • development of additional applications in Ruby.

SketchUp Make assists in the development of complex design projects.

The program works with raster and vector graphics, as well as animation. The application will be useful not only for professional designers, but also for ordinary users. For example, it can be used in the planning of repairs.

The program can create models from scratch, download ready-made objects, create models of cities in 3D.

The program is russified.

Attention! After installing the program for 8 days you will have access to all the features of the Pro version. After this period the program will continue to work as a normal Free version (some professional options will be unavailable).

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Additional Information

Age restrictions
Tuesday, 28 November 2023
Current version
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7
Bit mode
32+64 bit

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