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Clash Of Lords 2 - classic RTS-strategy with elements of RPG-setting for Android devices. Feel yourself the Lord of your own empire - build and strengthen castles, train and lead armies in battle, explore mysterious magical tombs, fight against legions of Dark forces and do everything to make your kingdom prosper!

Develop your heroes or pay for the services of mercenaries, cooperate with other kings and create alliances, lead united armies against bosses in PVE-battles, and against other kings in PVP-battles, help each other with the defense of castles, affect the cost of resources in-game trading exchange, overcome all obstacles in your path and become the greatest Lord in the history of mankind!

Clash Of Lords 2 Gameplay

  • Study the characteristics available at the beginning of the game, and choose one of them, but remember, each hero is unique;
  • Inspect your domain, clear out thickets, blockages, subdue bandits and chase away wild animals so that your subjects can get back to work;
  • Gather resources, build dwellings, industrial buildings and military installations, and enclose the borders of your kingdom with stone fences and towers to protect its inhabitants from outside dangers;
  • Gain experience points for every battle you win or building you construct, and use them to unlock your hero's abilities, unlock new buildings, and explore previously uncharted areas of the world;
  • Find new heroes in the world, complete their quests, and they will join you;
  • Train troops or pay mercenaries to win mass battles;
  • Cooperate with other kings, form alliances and, side by side with them, defeat bosses and other kings;
  • Trade on the in-game market, either by knocking down or inflating the price of resources to gain a development advantage over other alliances;
  • Organize the most powerful army in the world, amass huge stores of gold in the treasury, and unleash the power of your kingdom's technology to become the greatest Lord in the history of the planet!

Game Features

  • Real-time control;
  • Over 50 unique heroes;
  • Dozens of types of production buildings and resources;
  • Hundreds of magical items as well as weapons and equipment;
  • Thousands of quests every day;
  • A huge in-game world;
  • The presence of alliances;
  • Extensive leveling system.


  • Integrated advertising inserts;
  • Part of the in-game content is paid.

Additional Information

Age restrictions
In-app advertising
In-app purchases
Tuesday, 16 April 2024
Current version
Android 4.0 or higher
Bit mode
32+64 bit

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