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Battleship is one of the most popular games known to everyone since childhood. The application of the same name offers advanced functionality. The first thing the developers have worked on is the detection of alien ships.

The plot of the game

Two navies-representatives of different states-fight against each other in this battle. In this confrontation joined the allies, which are the superpowers. Players have at their disposal special drones. They can be used to bombard the water area and hit the enemy submarines. At the same time, you have to be careful not to hit your own allies. Sonar works by receiving echoes from the subs.

The drone has a total of three different modes:

  1. General - to track the total number of subs - both enemies and allies;
  2. friendly - to track the number of allies in nearby sectors;
  3. Alien - to track the number of enemies in nearby sectors.

The overall condition of the submarine has absolutely no effect on sonar performance. The results directly depend on whether there is a ship in the studied sector. Already after obtaining information on the location of objects, the operator decides on whom to attack.

Features of the game Battleship

  • Battleship works on all Windows operating systems;
  • English interface language;
  • The program is free for all users.

Additional Information

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Wednesday, 29 May 2024
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Windows XP
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32+64 bit

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