Raft Survival Ultimate 9.9.2

An entertaining survival simulator with base construction
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Raft Survival Ultimate is an open-ocean survival simulator for Android devices with elements of crafting, construction and RPG-setting. You are a shipwrecked sailor who has lost his memory. Your task is to make every effort to survive in the open ocean and solve the mystery of what happened.

Scoop up floating trash and build a raft, find islands and gather resources, grow food on the raft or catch fish, but remember that you can be eaten by cheeky seagulls and eat your own supplies with deadly sharks. Build a self-contained houseboat, ensure you have an uninterrupted supply of food and water, and find a way to recover your memory to unravel the reasons for the shipwreck.

Raft Survival Ultimate Gameplay

  • Look around for shipwreck debris to turn the wooden slab you're adrift on into a full-fledged raft;
  • Craft tools for construction, food, and defense so you don't die of hunger, thirst, another storm, or the teeth of sharks;
  • Build water desalters, braziers for cooking, and chests for storing junk;
  • Craft a rope hook to be able to get debris out of the water without diving into the water for sharks;
  • Search barrels and submerged rafts to find even more supplies and resources;
  • Build an anchor, drop it near the island's shores and search every blade of grass to find plant seeds, but remember that storms or sharks can break your anchor and the raft will drift out to open sea;
  • Explore better technology to get more provisions, resources, and build more technological structures on your raft;
  • Build an aqualung, dive to the seafloor to finish off the copper, melt it into furnaces, craft microchips from it and assemble a radio receiver to pick up radio signals in the open ocean;
  • Get to the source of the radio signals and solve the mystery of the shipwreck.

Simulator Features

  • Realistic needs simulation system;
  • Dozens of crafting recipes;
  • The need to constantly take care of water and food supplies, and fight off sharks and cheeky seagulls;
  • Islands, sunken rafts, and scuba diving;
  • The opportunity to go from being a shipwrecked loser with amnesia, to owning your own houseboat with everything you need to live;
  • An ironic plot twist, after solving the mystery of the shipwreck.


  • Embedded advertising;
  • Part of the in-game content is paid.

Additional Information

Age restrictions
In-app advertising
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Tuesday, 16 April 2024
Current version
Android 4.1 or higher
Bit mode
32+64 bit

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