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The Razer Cortex is a powerful and useful tool that every avid gamer should have in his arsenal. With its help, you can make your computer more efficient in just a couple of clicks. When a user starts a game, the application scans running processes and disables unnecessary ones. This frees up CPU resources, and allows you to play more comfortably.

After exiting the game, the changes made by the application return to normal values. If previously such optimization was available only to avid computer enthusiasts, now even a novice is separated from it by just a click of a button!

The main advantages of the Razer Cortex

  • copying game settings to cloud storage for quick access to them;
  • the ability to make a backup copy of game files in the cloud storage and then update them after saving the gameplay;
  • availability of free synchronization without any restrictions;
  • monitoring of installed games, as well as quick access to them;
  • ability to record video clips of any length in good quality and without watermarks;
  • posting recorded videos to YouTube and Facebook with a few keystrokes;
  • Equally stable operation on all the latest versions of the Windows operating system.

Razer Cortex has several built-in tools, each of which will be useful in one situation or another:

  • checking for driver updates and installing them if needed;
  • Downloading additional utilities for games;
  • optimizing your system and restoring it to its original state;
  • defragmenting game folders;
  • Regular updates of the application, often accompanied by the improvement of existing functionality or addition of new ones.

The Razer Cortex application is easy to use, even if there is no detailed help, the work with the application will understand both an experienced PC user and gamer, as well as a novice.

The application is free, does not demand system resources, but provides excellent results, allowing you to postpone upgrading your computer for a long time.

Additional Information

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Wednesday, 29 May 2024
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Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7
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32+64 bit

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