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Unity Web Player is a game engine, the installation of which, allows the user to use 3D browser games in full. Broadly speaking, the program acts as a tool for improving and playing various online games. In its early stages, the program was used as a tool for the development of three-dimensional games and applications on the PC.

Functional component of the platform came to the developers who have created an add-on in the form of 3D Web Player, focused on playing games with support for the Unity platform. The program is based on the same functional characteristics that were used to create games. It is this single software, allows the program not only to improve the external performance of the game, but also to detail and focus the image.

Features and application of Unity 3D Web Player

In the modern interpretation of the program Unity 3D Web Player has found its application in applications of social networks. So for example VKontakte games that are based on 3D graphics can not be played without installing the 3D Web Player. It is worth highlighting a number of games that are simply not opened on your computer without installing the program, requiring the presence of a package for 3D playback. Such games include:

  • ContraCity;
  • Blockade;
  • Contract Wars;
  • Project Warfare;
  • Survival: Wars and many other popular games that have gathered over a million fans in Vkontakte.

Goals and objectives of Unity 3D Web Player:

In turn, the main objectives of the utility are:

  • playing 3D games;
  • detailing and creating three-dimensional and scaled images;
  • setting up and automatically connecting the installed and running games to your social profile account;
  • regular self-updating of the system, in case of improving or changing the characteristics of the game process.

Main advantages of the program

Despite the number of functions performed and the list of playable games Unity 3D Web Player is characterized by:

  • the possibility of free installation;
  • security of downloading to your PC;
  • compliance with any version of Windows;
  • minimum size and requirements for the technical equipment of the operating system;
  • automatic auto-updating and launching that does not require setting up the program.

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Tuesday, 16 April 2024
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Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
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